Monday, 16 May 2011

Biking around...

Got a new folding bike...Thanks dear!!!

my new dahon

This morning we took it out for a ride to one of our sites, and to get some work out at the same time.
Downhill, easy Uphill, pant pant pant, gotta work those thigh muscles...

at site

taking a breather...

there are more and more people taking up cycling these days, so the folding bikes have become quite a hit here, especially for leisure biking and taking it around the parks and housing area,we can't wait to get JW his baby seat and we can do it together with him.

check out this beautiful bike shop in Spain...drooling over it...located in Barcelona, designed by architect Joan Sandoval. The Shop is call Pave, it's even got it's own cafe and library and complete with shower areas for bikers to freshen up after biking. How cool is that?

images  : dezeen

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