Thursday, 15 March 2012

Taipei to do's...

Chance upon this wonderful blog Shu Flies by Catherine Hsu, a Taiwanese American. Whom has lived in the US for most part of her life, but has taken a chance at a new adventure in 2007 to rekindle herself with her native country and also to be with the love of her life.

Here she blogs really about everything and anything Taipei from an expats point of view to a certain extent. Mostly touching base with things close to her heart which is culture,arts, design and food. When she's not blogging away she's a journalist at Taipei Times.

So, needless to say, i'm pretty hooked on her blog. already found a few places that we will be going fo our up coming trip to Taipei, based on Shu's recommendation. Woohoo...

One of them is cafe T Loafer's. Cant' wait to see it in real life, the quirky architecture and the ecletic interior.

all images via shu flies

Another on our list is Mooi Trouve, located on lane near Shida Night Market.
Hope it will not be too difficult to find. It's a revival of a family home from the Japanese Colonial era.
Apparently the wood used in the ceiling is Japanese Cypress and it's one of the main feature of the building.
so be sure to look up. The shop also carries mechandise from Europe brougth back from the owner on his travels.

all images via shu flies

watch out for more on places to visit in the next few weeks...

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