Monday, 14 May 2012


I just had my first stall opening at a bazaar!!! Participated in the recent Mother's Day Bazaar @Publika on Saturday. Recently brought in the brand moorigin from Taiwan.

Some of my favourite pieces...

Gingo Pendant
Lake Brooch
Lushly Earrings
all images above courtesy of moorigin

Debut the jewelry at the bazaar and it was a hit!!! Glad that everybody liked it. Got a lot of positive feedback and response for the product. 
It is all very exciting...Ultimately would like to have a series of designers which are carefully selected and curated to be under the branding of everybodylovesdesign. 
Here are some pics from the bazaar...

all images by everybodyloves design
To everyone who came to support me, a big thank you.
I do hope you enjoy the pieces that you have purchased.
And a big thank you to my other half for being there and providing me the support and showing more enthusiasm than i could ever ask for.
Also to my little mei mei for lending a hand...thank you so much to you both.

Will keep everyone posted on my next appearance...

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