Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Exclusively yours...

Imagine having a whole villa to yourself on your next vacation? Sounds amazing.
Tthrough desire to inspire, I discovered this great site call World Beyond.
Incorporated in 2009 by two Berlin-based brothers. Both having design background and a penchant for architecture, they carefully hand-picked and select vacation properties from around the globe.

Not only is World Beyond bringing us exclusivity and luxury, they are also channeling their profit towards social enterprise. Where they will be donating towards worthy projects - particularly efforts to provide shelter for communities in need.

First stop... Alemansy 5 in Girona, 1 hour from Barcelona, Spain. An exclusive 16th century home, own by Juan Manuel and his wife. This amazing vacation home, is situated strategically 1 and half hours from the mountains for skiing while it is only 40 minutes from the beach for a little sun and swim.

They took 3 years to construct the house and a lot of thoughts were put into the design and layout as his wife, an architect was adamant about keeping the old and mixing in the new with sensitivity towards the existing space and structure.

In the owners own words :
“My wife likes modern architecture. When she approached the old house, she did it in a modern way but also wanted a dialogue with the old. Like an evolution without breaking with the past. She worked a lot with natural light and the quality of the materials — stone, wood, iron and concrete. She is also very concerned about ‘healthy’ architecture, taking into consideration approaches like Feng Shui and the influences of water and energy currents. What is amazing, is that the main walls of the house, which is 500 years old, are perfectly places to avoid the bad energy currents in the living spaces. So you sleep very well and it gives you a lot of energy. We are very happy with the results. It’s beautiful and healthy.”

images : desire to inspire

Find out more about booking and reservation from Juan Manuel through World Beyond

Working towards this for my next vacation :)


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