Friday, 11 March 2011

It's Friday...

It's Friday, the skies are grey, it's been raining the whole morning, weather is chilly and breezy, just done with gym after a simple breaky with hubby round the corner.
To sum it's a lazy Friday. ; ). I'm not complaining though.

The weather just makes me wanna snuggle up in bed with a nice cuppa and a good read. These 2 bedrooms seems like just the place to do that...

image : nice room
image : nice room

Hoping little JW would do loads of this on the weekend...

image : a cup of jo
But hubby is planning to gown down south to do some "Raptor Watch" by the beach.
(more of that next week)

Being in something like this for the weekend would be so nice...

image : randomjuxtaposition

It's been such a long time since i had a chance to dress up. With little JW around, my dress motto these days is "anything thats easy to move around in".... sigh...

Shall leave you with this for the weekend.
image : randomjuxtaposition

And make sure you get loads of this...
image : randomjuxtaposition
Happy weekend everyone!
See you next week.

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